Dr. Michael Johnson, CPC

DrMikeNew Life By Design is a business committed to you and your vision of your best life. All of us have roadblocks to full self-expression. Allow me to assist you in the journey toward the blossoming of your true self and the achievement of your life purpose. Let me assist you to have the courage to be, do and have according to your hearts desires…..call Dr. Mike Johnson at 714-257-1012. Blessings and abundance to you as you discover how to live your dreams.

New Life By Design provides relationship coaching, self-esteem coaching, performance coaching, and emotional intelligence coaching.

The mission of New Life By Design is to assist people in creating their optimum life.

Dr. Mike Johnson provides the following life coaching services:

Relationship Coaching – Many are struggling with their relationships and need assistance in healthy and loving relationship building. Common issues such as communication skills, the nature of healthy relating, taking responsibility for the relationship which occurs inside the individuals in the relationship, planning and actualizing an agreed upon way of relating to one another, learning to really listen and creating a positive listening of the other person, learning to ask for things desired and needed, and more will be the focus of the coaching where relationships are concerned.

Success Coaching – Many people have a ceiling of success in their mind and can’t seem to lift or remove it. Dr. Mike can assist individuals in understanding the nature of their self-defeating behaviors so that maximum success can be achieved. Tackling unconscious self-limiting beliefs, learning to state exactly what it is the client wants, overcoming procrastination, setting clear and manageable goals, and the like will be part of the coaching process.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching – Emotional intelligence is more important in terms of relarting to others than IQ. Emotional intelligence is one’s ability to understand oneself, motivate oneself, relate in healthy and loving ways with othere, and create partnerships with people that work. Emotional intelligence can be increased through training. Dr. Mike can assist people to reach a higher level of emotional intelligence and experience being with others in a much more positive way.

Self-Esteem Coaching – Self-esteem relates to ones level of success in life whether it be permance related or relationship related. Dr. Mike helps people to love being who they are which promotes a much happier life.